Ferrari F8

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Update time : 2021-01-28 21:23:03

The all new Paktechz aerokit for Ferrari F-8 Tributo


Designed by world renown designer from Paktechz, made with prepreg carbon fiber and autoclave curing process, the finishing product ensures the perfect balance of quality and strength, optimized performance and durability.


Found in 2016, Paktechz has been focusing on research and design, manufacturing of high quality aero products for mid-high end performance vehicle, as well as supercars. Adhering to the core value of “Beyond the limit, Only the best” at designing, researching and manufacturing. Paktechz product has been sold all over the world and loved by all the car enthusiasts.


Our designers have been working in the aftermarket as well as OEM sector for many years. With such experience, we are able to achieve the aesthetic balance of functionality and beauty. The vision of the F8 Tributo kit is to enhance the shape and lines of the body while maintaining the elegant of the original design. By using minimal enhancement to achieve the best stance impact.


The front of the vehicle is rich with curves and layers. The front splitter extends to the side with details of canards and air passage. Enhancing the aggression of the OEM design while making a coherent look of the added aero products.


Front bonnet exit is inspired by the bow and arrow, showing the tension within the smooth curve of the body, garnishing the visual impact of the car.


The side skirt is different from the generic one piece design. By utilizing a double layer design, side profile details are enhanced.


Rear diffuser design follows the flow of the OEM design. The adjustable rear diffuser from factory is retained. Six large arrow fins enhance the sportiness of the car, and the side winglet act as a garnishing touch of the overall effect.


By utilizing CFD simulation, downforce has been optimized by the rear spoiler with a large attack angle, enhancing stability. Also the endplates also act as a stabilizer effect when cornering.


Aerokits should never be just straight and cut with hard edges. We have been trying many new innovative designs for achieving better curves, balance, as well as enhancing the visual impacts and tension of speed!