1. Paktechz owns the website www.paktechz.com and the materials on the website, which are protected by national copyright laws and international copyright conventions.

2. Paktechz declares that it has copyright in the following materials:

       a. Paktechz trademark;

       b. All pages of the Paktechz website;

       c. All pictures and images on the Paktechz website;

3. The above copyright content shall not be used without the written permission of Paktechz. Our company reserves the right to pursue legal steps for copyright violations.

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Website identification

www.paktechz.com, www.paktechz.hk, www.paktechz.de, www.paktechz.net etc. are all Paktechz website domain names. The company solemnly reminds users that they should not believe in the illegal websites that imitates Paktechz, so as not to be victimized.